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About Us

Hey, I'm Ally!

I'm the creative force behind Clay by Ally. Art has always been a huge part of my life, from my early days working with polymer and air-dry clay to my more recent explorations in painting, hand lettering, and graphic design. When I'm not creating, I'm a third-year Computer Engineering student at Memorial University. Despite my tech-focused studies, my passion for creating has never faded; It has actually fueled it. I am always striving to find the perfect balance between my creative side and my technical side. This sparked the birth of my business in 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown. I've been on a mission to merge my engineering skills with my artistry to produce pieces that are not only works of art but also meticulously crafted for quality and precision.


Throughout my work, you will find common themes of bold colors and playful designs. My creations are more than just accessories, they're expressions of individuality and invitations for others to find pieces that resonate with their own identities. Whether you're drawn to bright colors, fun designs, or simply seeking a unique way to express yourself, I create with you in mind. Every piece I make is a labor of love, and I hope you can feel the time, effort, and passion I pour into each and every creation.



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